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24-Hour Emergency Unit

The unit is well-equipped to cater to emergencies. It is strategically located at the main entrance of the hospital and provides 24-hour service to all. The unit is supported by a professional team of doctors, nurses, and supporting staff committed to ensuring that quality care is received.

The unit caters to a variety of services which includes general emergency cases, application of plaster of Paris, wound dressing, minor surgery cases, suturing, incisions, and drainage procedures.

For enquiries 

Call Casualty: 012 336 6000


Important Documents


  • Medical aid card or proof of membership (no older than 30 days)

  • ID or Passport ( ID book for children over the age of 16 years)

  • Injury on duty patient must produce a fully completed and signed employer report (WCL2) and ID book or passport.

Private Patients


  • Private rates are set by management and are reviewed from time to time.

  • Patients that do not have medical aids or cash, will be stabilized and transferred to a Provincial hospital.

  • Patients that are not covered in the hospital network will be stabilized and transferred accordingly.

Online Pre-Admission 

Skip the queue and complete the pre-admission form on your phone or computer.

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